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Welcome to Total Upgrade Inc and say hello to

your new and improved self!! 

Experience a Total Lifestyle Upgrade with our wholistic WEALTHness approach, creating a happy, healthy and successful lifestyle.


Elevate your Space while elevating your Health...

Simple solutions for a healthier and happier life!



Your Space

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese energy system that allows you to be in the best flow of your life.


The spaces and objects around you whether you notice or not affect you unconsciously... even while you sleep.

Total Upgrade Inc using the Feng Shui system shows how to activate your four best directions. Harness the power to create a successful career, loving and supportive relationships, optimum health and growth in all fields.

We help you Shift your space, so you can shift your reality and attract the highest energy so you can live your richest life.

Your Lifestyle

Our practical Snap packs are filled with highly absorbable LIQUID nutrition that you experience.

Just snap and go! It's that easy!!


We're building a community committed to elevating and transforming lives. At O’SNAP Active Lifestyle our evidence based nutrition starts with what nature intended us to eat. Fruits, vegetables, berries, and good ole fashioned sunshine.

Our goal is to only use premium clinically researched ingredients that are made up of plant based, whole food blends…that means no fillers, artificial ingredients, preservatives, antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, or artificial colors.

The Total Lifestyle Upgrade
*Upgrade Your Space and Your Health*

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Totally Upgrade You


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Linda and Peter Owner/CEO

Peter & Linda

416-835-4198 | 647-704-7564

3A-518 Yonge St Toronto, ON M4Y1X9

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